TukTuk Taxi

TukTuk Taxi

Tuk Tuk taxi is the first and only TukTuk transport company in Hungary.
What is a TukTuk? In short, it is a 3-wheel tricikli.In Asia it is an everyday transport vehicle. It is used for taxiing. It has got several version because most of them are made at home.

How fast is it?
TukTuk can run with the speed of a normal car. It can flow with the rythem of the City.

And if it rains?
It has got a lowerable tarp with windows so on a rainy day you can ride dry.

Can it go onto mountains?
Yes, that is right. The Cidadell or Hills of Buda are just a pushover.

Do I need helmet during the ride?
No, you do not because it has got safety belts that must be used during the ride.

Can I rent it outside of Budapest as well? What extra cost do I have to pay?
Yes, you can rent TukTuk Taxi in the whole territory of Hungary. For more details, please ask for more details via e-mail.

What is a Tuxi?
The Tuxi is a proprietary fantasy name from TukTuk and taxi words.

Can I rent it for wedding or birthday?
Yes, of course. It is always a good surprise. If you ride on TukTuk, you are always in the centre.

Prices valid in case of snobbing in Budapest. Maximum 3 passangers. TukTuk ordering by telephone: +2500 HUF.

Time Price €
Prices HUF
0 - 15 min. 10 € / TUK 3 000 HUF/ TUK
15 - 20 min. 20 € / TUK 6 000 HUF/ TUK
20 - 30 min. 30 € / TUK 9 000 HUF/ TUK
30 - 40 min. 40 € / TUK 12 000 HUF/ TUK
50 - 60 min. 50 € / TUK 15 000 HUF/ TUK

Please send your reservation via e-mail to budapest.com@gmail.com. We will send the confirmation of your booking within 1 day, but usually in 3 hours!