Rates and special offers

Rates and special offers


City ride price gratis champagne

1 hour2 hours3 hours+ 30 min+ 1 hourGratis champagne
Airport Transfer
8 pax Lincoln limousine110€165€220€35€55€1 bottle
14 pax Navigator limousine with sunroof190€280€370€60€90€1 bottle
16 pax Hummer limousine (black or white)220€320€420€65€100€1 bottle
18 pax Hummer XL limousine245€365€485€80€120€1 bottle
22 pax Hummer XXL limousine (triple axle)270€440€610€110€170€1 bottle
24 pax Party Bus (US type)280€460€640€120€180€1 bottle
26 pax Hummer xXx limousine (triple axle)300€470€640€110€170€1 bottle
33 pax Hummer DADDY limousine330€565€800€150€235€1 bottle

VAT is included!
 * Minimum renting time 1 hour. Half hours are counted beyond the minimum renting time.

The VAT, the luggage car (if it is needed) and parking fee are included in our prices.

The normal airport transfer is NOT 1 hour long. This is only one way.

The normal airport transfer is NOT 1 hour long. This is only one way (from the airport to an accomodation in Budapest.If your accomodation is not in Budapest, you are given our special price.) It's about from 35 min to maximum 60 min. 

Book an airport transfer and get discount of your return way.


Please, note that the custumer is responsible for safety and proper use of the limousine car. The custumer is also supposed to inform his/her guests about rules of proper use. The custumer is required to pay compensation for damage  at the driver on the spot. If the damage prevents the limousine car to continoue its work, the custumer is bound to pay for the  cost of dificiency.

All of our cars are non-smoking cars ad n can be used on custumers' own risk. We do not take the resposibility of lost properties in the car.


The cost of our service must be paid in advance on the spot (before starting the service).

In case of cancelling beyond 3 days no charge is levied. Within 3 days but beyond 24 hours charge of 50% is levied. Within 24 hours cancelling the whole price of the booked service is levied.

Limousine Reservation

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