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About Us

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We are concentrating on incoming passenger transport mainly. Coordinating Private cars, Limuzins, Mini Buses and Buses provides individual offers for the groups, visiting Hungary. Airport Transfers, half or whole day city tours, Visits to the Danube Bend, city tours to Vienna, Bratislava requires different buses, specializing on the reason of the trip, the number of passengers and the group composition. Choosing  the suitable modern and high-end buses and their facilities, drivers with local knowledge and routine could be the secret success of the multi-day Europien trips.
Our Company offers a unique and complex service as a respond to our clients needs for additional services.


Our Company in the travel industry and primarily specializes on the incomingtourists.
During the stay of many tourists in Hungary, our task is mainly concentrating on the passenger transport.
The nationality of the group, the number of passengers and the purpose of travel specifies the rental of the suitable buses.

To choose the suitable bus requires care and attention from every rental agency.

Please send your request via e-mail to busrental.mailbox@budapest.com.