Cabs in Budapest are marked with the word "Taxi", often accompanied by a company name / logo such as "City Taxi". All taxi vehicles must have a yellow registration plate, as opposed to the white backround on regular car plates. All taxameters are equipped with a receipt-printing function, displaying the fares charged and identification of the driver.

The fare is composed of 3 parts:

  • Basic fee (450 HUF)
  • Per kilometre charge (280 HUF/km)
  • Waiting fee (70 HUF/min.)

It is customary to tip the driver about 10% of the full fare, if you were satisfied with the service.

Taxi Companies

Bigger taxi companies offer rates lower than the maximum listed above. Most of them have an English-speaking telephone operator, and you may ask them to send a driver that speaks at least basic English.
It is worth noting down the telephone numbers of a few bigger taxi companies in Budapest, and then calling them, because a cab ordered by telephone is less expensive than one hailed on the street. Some drivers are known for notoriously overcharging tourists. It is better to ask your concierge to order a taxi for you from a reliable company, or try calling them yourself.

List of telephone numbers (non-stop)

  • 6x6 Taxi: +36-1-666-6666
  • Barát Taxi: +36-70-773-2000
  • Buda Taxi: 2-333-333
  • Budapest Taxi: 4-333-333
  • City Taxi: 2-111-111
  • Főtaxi: 2- 222-222
  • Max Taxi: 2-222-333
  • MB Elit Taxi: 232-32-32
  • Mobil Taxi: 333-2222
  • Penta Taxi: 555-55-33
  • Police Taxi: 278-5290
  • Rádió Taxi: 7-777-777
  • Taxi 2000: 2-000-000
  • Taxi4: 4-444-444
  • Taxi Plus: 7-888-999
  • Tele5 Taxi: 5-555-555
  • Volán Taxi: 361-4-3333-22
  • Zóna Taxi: 365-55-55

Airport Taxi

The Fő Taxi company offers fix rates between the airport and various parts of Budapest. There are four Budapest zones, each of which has its own fixed fare for transport to/from the airport. The cars are roomy, air-conditioned, no-smoking vehicles; staff speak foreign languages.