Tennis & squash

Tennis & squash

The lovers of the white sport can choose from countless possibilities if they long for good quality tennis courts in Budapest. Tennis is almost a form of life, the super classics are admired all over the world, but those who practice this sport are aware of the fact that with much less physical and technical qualifications the game can also be exceptionally enjoyable. There are those, who swear on their constant partners, and one-one tennis contact may last for long decades, and the parties put an emphasis not only on the game but also on the friendship. There also those players, who prefer “renting” a partner, they select the partners according to the knowledge level, it has to be equal to their own level, and for an hour there is a possibility to find an opponent for already 3000 HUF.

It is never late to start playing tennis, even during the summer holiday, or in case of a free weekend who is interested may have the taste of it. Skilled instructors can quickly teach the basic hits to the beginners, they will show the correct hand position, which will protect the disciple from muscle and joint injuries. A beginner’s course which usually consists of ten occasions costs around 35 thousand forints, but in winter, playing in an indoor tennis court is not much more expensive either.

In order to play tennis it is not necessary to buy the equipment, the racket and balls can be rented almost everywhere, as well as the court. Naturally if someone takes the tennis seriously and desires to master the knacks of the game, in this case a smaller investment is needed, a good quality tennis racket may be obtained for 15-20 thousand forints, but also wearing suitable footwear is very important. It does matter, on what kind of ground the tennis player practices, and a well-chosen, good quality shoes are especially important for protecting knee and ankle joints.

The game can practiced in all periods of the year, in the summer already for only 2000 HUF a tennis court may be rented per hour, while in the winter it is somewhat more expensive, but for 2700 HUF the addicts may already play tennis. For those who practice regularly it may be a better idea to buy a season ticket, since then the court renting will cost even less.

Squash is an extremely fast game. It is played with a similar racket which is used for tennis and a rubber ball in an indoor four-walled court specially designed for this type of sport, where two players or pairs play against each other. Earlier squash was mentioned as the manager game, because according to the occupied businessmen the stress accumulated during the day may be deduced even after of one hour of playing squash. The number of encampment of squash players in Hungary is approximately 40 thousand, squash is known and loved for over twenty years already, it belongs to the free-time sports, but the competition variation is also popular, with the sponsorship of companies the domestic teams belong to Europe’s forefront.

Those who desire play squash, similarly to tennis the court may be rented from 2000 HUF, but for example on weekday mornings or in lunchtime this price may be even lower. There is also an opportunity to rent rackets and opponents, and prices are approximately the same as in case of tennis.

The squash centers which can be found in Budapest are modern and well-equipped establishments, which offer energy drinks and most modern tested nutriment additions in buffets, and many centers have fitness room as well as a sauna which are at the guests’ disposal.