The feet are always at hand – says the saying, with which it is hard to argue. Running is the simplest and the most popular form of movement. This type of regular exercising is perfect solution for maintaining the human body in form. It has a detoxifying effect, sustains capacity of the lungs, has a positive effect on blood circulation, and during running the building adrenaline in the brain increases the feeling of happiness. In overall, running is great for health and worthwhile!

It is however very important in what outfit the running takes place, the most important part of the outfit are the shoes. Shoes which are convenient for movement can be obtained only for several thousand forints, but for those people which the protection of ankle-, knee-, and hip joints is important, then it will not hurt to reach deeper into the purse, since good quality sport shoes do not only protect our health, but also ensure a comfortable feeling. The importance of the trousers and the t-shirts depends on the weather, in nice weather shorts and a t-shirt is perfectly suitable, while in case of bad weather special trousers and an outer garment which keeps the heat but also has an aerator effect is advisable.

If you decide that you will try this simple form of exercising, but it will not hurt to know several things. Here, like everywhere else, the gradual principle needs to be followed, but before you start the training, an extensive screening test will not hurt. If you will receive the green light from the doctor, then an experienced trainer needs to be looked up, who can launch our “career” with an effective workout plan.

Running can be done anywhere, but it is not a disadvantage, if instead of crowded city centre and polluted air you choose a calmer and a greener environment. The nature is also much more suitable for jogging since the ground in a forest, on a field or in park protects our feet, while on the contrary the stony concrete may cause serious pain with time.      

Budapest's most popular running place is the Margaret Island, here a runner track with superb ground was developed specially for the joggers. Quite a few athletic fields can be found in the capital, but these may be used only after a preliminary negotiation, or with a season ticket. If the weather is very grim then you may run in an indoor sports-ground, but according to real gourmets it is a sacrilege, if the wing blows and the rains falls it is not a problem at all since this increases the whirls of pleasure.

There is one more important thing, to which you have to draw the attention of those who wish to try out jogging which is the necessary liquid consumption and the correct nutrition diet. It is forbidden to jog with a full stomach, as well as in an alcoholic state. It is not recommended to consume any nourishment for one and half hour before jogging, however beverage intake is advised even during running.

This is especially recommended in warm weather, a small bottle of water can be easily taken with you, but there is no problem either with buying a beverage in a store on the way.

If you start running cautiously and carefully, then you may experience such encounters, which may define our days for a long period of time, even until the end of our lives. With the fulfillment of the training plans, and with a due determination even after six months you may already enter smaller competitions, and with time a semi-marathon and later full marathon distance will not seem impossible.

The capital offers numberless possibilities to discover our limits, here are some competitions which provide an opportunity to try out our knowledge: Vivicitta City Protecting Jogging, Nike Budapest International Marathon, Plus Budapest International Marathon, Coca Cola Women Running Gala or the Budapest-Wien Super Marathon.