While for one generation a Moskvich which can be pushed with a foot meant the childhood speed adoration, modern kids prefer riding a go-kart. Good quality and totally safe, these small four-wheeled vehicles are at their disposal, this form of entertainment is exceptionally popular not only in case of kids but adults also. Indeed, to be honest in most cases the father takes the kids to the scaled-down circuits, so that he himself will have an opportunity to wear a crash helmet and hit the gas pedal, naturally with the excuse that he is keeping his eye on the offsprings.  

Seven serious, safe go-kart circuits can be found in Budapest. Children already from the age of 8, and with a height of 135 centimeters, may try out 100 cm³, 3 LE vehicles, and these ensure a quite fast velocity sensation, and adults use 270 cm³ and 12 LE go-karts.

The primary viewpoint when driving a go-kart is safety, the driver is responsible for the vehicles and wearing a crash helmet is obligatory in all cases, there are no exceptions! It is prohibited to push the gas and the brake pedal at the same time, and the deliberate collisions are penalized by sending off the drivers. In an alcoholic state it is prohibited to drive a go-kart, as well as to get out of a moving go-kart. The round begins when the go-karts cross the green lamp, and a flashing red lamp signals the last stage, and red lamp being on continuously signals the end of the round and it is necessary to finish the race. One more important thing: if the tenant causes any damage while driving the go-kart, then it is his responsibility and he will need to pay for it, however with only one exception – if it is not the fault of the driver.

Smaller-bigger firms and companies have also noticed the entertainment residing in riding in a go-kart. It is a custom already that different team building trainings or just company parties are interlaced together with loose rubber creaking. In such cases the whole circuit can be rented, and the owners may even provide the opportunity for nourishment and beverage consumption, so everything is given for entertainment and relaxation.        

However it is not important to only concentrate on the go-kart, since there are many companies which can easily assemble mobile circuits which can be set up practically anywhere. This service is exceptionally popular in case of children’s-, sport days and other events. The constructors compile the length of the circuit according to the preferences, and the circuit is girdled with a rubber wall which absorbs the energy of the collision.