Zwack Unicum Museum Visit

Program Location: 1095 Budapest, Dandár út 1.
Program Dates: 2019-12-31 - 2019-12-31

"Dr. Zwack! This is a Unicum!" – declared Joseph II, having tasted the unique drink made for him by his royal physician, and so the iconic name was born.
One of Hungary’s most famous liqueurs has a history entangled in mystery, starting with its recipe which still remains the secret of the Zwack family. Although the exact recipe remains unknown to this day, it is certain that the unique taste of Unicum is enhanced by more than 40 herbs, making it an exceptionally healthy potion, not to mention the additional benefits.
On arrival a short film presents the amazing story of this more than 225-year-old bitter and the Zwack dynasty. Following the screening, visitors are invited on a tour around the factory, starting with the impressive Unicum exhibition (aided by English audio guides), which displays the turbulent history of this exceptional product. Further fascinating details are revealed in the depths of the factory cellars. With the help of a professional tour guide visitors can explore the labyrinth of casks where spirits are aged, and also sample them fresh from the barrel! The tasting includes three different versions of the liqueur: the Original Unicum, the brand’s latest addition, the delicious Unicum Plum and the truly sumptous Unicum Riserva, which is matured in barrels that survived WWII.
Acquaint yourself with healthiest Hungarian liqueur and discover the spirit of Budapest!


  • Entry to the museum and tour with audio guide (available languages: English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Italian)
  • Film screening about the Zwack family and their company's history
  • Description of the Unicum manufacturing technology 3 different unicum tasting: Draft Unicum, Draft Unicum with plum flavour tasting, Exclusive Unicum Reserva tasting

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Opening Hours: (Available tours in English language:) From Monday to Friday: 11:00 ; 15:00, Saturday: 11:00

Price: 12€ /Person
Meeting  Point: Zwack Museum and Visitors’ Centre
Dates/Availability: Every day, Except: Sundays and 03.15, 04.19, 04.21, 04.22, 05.01, 06.09-10, 08.20, 10.23, 11.01, 12.24-25-26-27, 12.31, 2020.01.01