Gellért Spa Scenic Tour and Gellért Spa Entrance Ticket

Program Location: 1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4.
Program Dates: 2019-12-23 - 2019-12-23

The secrets of Gellért – scenic tour under the bath and Skip The Line Entrance Ticket

Are you looking for an exclusive and truly special experience in one of the most famous baths of Budapest? This city is the only capital in the world to have such an abundance of thermal water running under its surface. One of the most definite and popular baths that utilizes this miraculous endowment is the Gellért with its fabulous Art-Nouveau style and wide range of pampering services. Even though you have probably heard about this establishment you are most certainly not aware of what this massive bath hides beneath its floors.
A professional local guide of the bath will lead you into the experience by speaking about the 2000 year history of Gellért while taking you ‘behind the scenes’ into places no visitors are allowed normally. Walking down several stairs, you will explore the water supply system and the huge machines used to operate this facility. The tour will take you into one of the oldest water wells of Budapest, deep under the bath. This water source is not in use anymore however it is still operational. Walk into the centre of the well and marvel at the vast amount of hot thermal water surrounding you! You can even dip your toe in if you feel like. After emerging from the deepest point of the tour, the next destination will be an even more wondrous, hidden area of the bath. Right next to the current well lays a hundreds of meters long tunnel that were once used to transport water between the city’s baths. Nowadays, the tunnel is abandoned and it is extremely rich in natural formations. Prepare for high humidity and the strong smell of thermal water! The most stunning part in the tunnels is experiencing the miracle of nature softly blending with man-made creations in a beautiful cave that opens right from the tunnel. You can explore this extremely rare sight and learn about how thermal water formed its curved shapes throughout several millenniums.
This 45-minute tour is a truly one of a kind and unforgettable journey into a world that remains uncharted for most visitors of Budapest.Discover a whole new, astonishing side of the Gellért bath with secrets and mysteries at every turn!
After mysterious tour on the base of astonishing bath you have a chance to enjoy your day on Gellért bath`s spa, outdoor pools and steam rooms with lots of option.
The bathing facility standing here today is the most prestigious one in Budapest, visitable during any time of the year. The fast track entry tickets provide VIP entrance, so you will be able to avoid queues and relax in a luxurious environment. The large variety of treatments and Thai massages will make your experience even more relaxing.

Tour details
Starting time: 11:00, meeting time: 10 minutes before the tour starts please be at the information desk

Important note: -

  • If booking the guided tour you should participate it first, and than enjoying the Gellért Spa
  • The tour is not reccommended for those guests who have any problems with their lungs or women during pregnancy.
  • Includes: Scenic tour under the bath, live English guiding service, private cabin usage
  • Opening hours of the Help Desk :
    • Monday - Sunday 9 am - 6 pm. Your ticket is valid until 8 pm for the requested date
  • Cut off time: 24h

Meeting Point information
Gellért Spa: Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4, H-1118
In the building of Hotel Gellért by the Buda end of the Freedom Bridge

11200 HUF/37 EUR

Every day of the year, Starting at 11 AM, until 23rd December 2019. (During the Sziget Festival you can purchase your ticket directly in the spa.)