Palinka Museum Budapest- Taste the Hungarian Spirit!

Program Dates: 2019-09-01 - 2020-12-31

Explore Palinka: the Hungarian national spirit- Palinka Museum Budapest

Taste Hungary's famous Palinka while attending an interactive and interesting exhibition about the history of Palinka in Hungary and around the world! The Museum is in the heart of Budapest, and its mission is to make Palinka familiar for everyone worldwide. If you buy the only entrance ticket, you will have the chance to see the exhibition and taste 1x2 cl delicious Palinka! If you choose the Palinka tasting option you can taste more best palinkas of our country (in the amount of 3x2 cl). And during the tasting, of course, professionals will present the interesting facts, and the right tasting ways to you, in an exclusive ambiance.


  • In case of choosing the museum entrance only: museum entrance, live guide, 1x2 cl Palinka tasting,
  • In case of choosing the museum entrance+ Palinka tasting: museum entrance with 1x2 cl Palinka tasting, live guide, plus 3x2 cl Palinka tasting with professional presentation"                        

Duration: 30 min- 1 hour

Starting time
Every day in the open hours of the Palinka Museum: 13:00-22:00h

Meeting point
Pálinka Museum, H-1061 Budapest, Király street 20.                        

Museum Entrance for Adults: 10 EUR Museum,
Entrance for Students: 8 EUR,
Museum Entrance for Adults with exclusive Palinka tasting: 17 EUR,
Museum Entrance for Students with exclusive Palinka tasting: 15 EUR

Dates availability                        
Every day in the open hours of the Palinka Museum: 13:00-22:00h

Important information

The Palinka Museum is not available for people under 18 years old