Sack Full of Secrets

Program Location: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.
Program Dates: 2018-10-13 - 2018-10-27

13 October 2018, Saturday
11 am — 12 pm
Glass Hall

Further date: 27 October 2018

Songs, poems, nursery rhymes, great music, dancing, fun and games... What more do you need for a fun-filled morning? It's all here! A sack hiding secrets. 'A bag of gold is like a bud. Round, smooth and closed. Nobody can say what kind of flower it holds. Or perhaps it's not a flower?' Could it be a cat? Or perhaps clothes, beautiful drawings, games, or lots of presents? The verses of poets Anna Szabó T., Sándor Weöres and Ágnes Nemes Nagy, set to music and coupled with folk melodies, will lead us to the secret path taking us from Moldavia to a hopscotch court hidden in an alleyway. Wherever our fancy and fickle fortune takes us! And this sack full of secrets also brings forth songs.

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