Other cosmetic surgery

Other cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery is a very diversified area, not just the liposuction, injectable fillers, hair transplantation, face-, nose-, breast-, stomach and genital surgeries belong here, but also thanks to the modern appliances, and to the continuously developing surgery techniques there is a possibility to shape upper arms, bottom, thighs, calves and to have varicose vein treatment. How our face and ears look or are we satisfied with our breasts and stomach – all those things are very important, but it is of equal importance in what condition are our lower limbs.

Nowadays the removal of dangling skin from upper arms does not cause a problem either. Thanks to a comparatively easy surgery we can dispose of the saggy skin, and we can wear once again sleeveless blouses or shirts.

The “rehabilitation” of the bottom which has lost its firmness and form is not a problem anymore either, thanks to the plastic surgeons the bottom plastic surgery is now a routine procedure, with the treatment the time-wheel can be spun backwards, the patient obtains such a bottom as if he or she would go to the fitness centre all day and night. There is a solution for flat bottoms also, it is similar to breast implants, and naturally a round bottom may not be a dream anymore.

Naturally from the area of the thigh the built-up fat can be removed, with several treatments combined with liposuction the volume of this part of the body may be reduced and the firmness can be increased.

If we would like calves similar to those of footballers or sprinters, then the solution is formation and augmentation of the calves. With an appropriate implant instantly our calves resemble a Greek statue, thus in our wardrobe once again can the miniskirts and shorts appear.

But what is pleasure of having great calves, if you have ugly varicose veins? In moderate cases the problem can be solved with several injections, but in more serious cases there is no need to become distraught, a few tiny cuts and as if the purple veins weren’t there altogether.

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