Nose surgery

Nose surgery

Barbara Sterisand next to her outstanding performer’s knowledge can also thank her lasting career in the world of show-business to her nose form. The silhouette of King Matthias can instantly be recognized, the famous Hungarian ruler was famous for his nose, but we can also mention the known literary figure, Cyrano de Bergerac, an entire creation was built on his nose. There are people who do not have a problem with a huge, differing from normal type of nose, moreover the big-nosed men declare proportion between nose and their masculinity size. However, let’s not go into this matter now, better take a look what kind of solution can the rhinoplasty can offer.

Our nose – next to our eyes – significantly defines the character of our face, however we can not hide this part of our body with clothes or make-up. While a good-chosen hairstyle can help hiding our ears, our nose can be hidden only under a veil, and this type of clothing is not typical for Hungarians. This is why if we are unsatisfied with the form of our nose, the only option for a change is a successful nose job. The surgery can affect our appearance significantly, and can help restore the harmony of our soul.

Many do not know that our nose grows continuously throughout our life.  The nasal structure is gained at adult age, but during aging the under skin tissues transform and multiply, and this results in further growing of nose. Nose jobs of esthetical purpose in case of girls are done when they are 17, in case of boys it is advised a little later when they are 18 years old. During the rhinoplasty the surgeons do not separate the nose’s esthetical and functional units, during the surgery the size and the shape corrections are done, and the respiratory problems are abolished.

The most typical causes for rhinoplasty are humps and length of the nose, but asymmetry can also be a problem. In these cases not just the hump is removed, but the specialists smaller the nasal structure, and also with the same technology they can change the tip of the nose also. After the surgery thanks to its flexibility, the skin will take the new nasal structure. There is also a possibility to correct a concave nose also, in these cases, the surgeon may shape a small piece of the patient's own cartilage or bone to strengthen or change the structure of the nose. Usually the cartilage is harvested from the septum although if there isn't enough which can often occur in revision rhinoplasty, cartilage can be taken from the concha of the ear or rarely the ribs. Sometimes a synthetic implant may be used to reconstruct the nose.

Depending on the complexity of the rhinoplasty, the duration of the surgery may take several hours, the simpler surgeries are done under local anesthesia, while the more complex surgeries are done under general anesthesia. After the rhinoplasty the patient may experience some inconveniences, the breathing may be troublesome due to tampons and normally after two weeks, all stuffing, splints, and other post-surgical dressings are removed. Even though the surgeons can decrease the trauma to a minimal, unfortunately limited bleeding may occur. But everything which may cause unpleasantness during and after the surgery, the final outcome will make the patient forget all these, and the previous psychic problems will disappear.