Genital surgery

Genital surgery

It was proven in the last couple of years: the entitlement existence of genital surgery is unquestionable! It may be beyond belief that in the USA that the same number of penis enlargement and thickening surgeries are done as the breast plastic surgeries. While earlier only few people used this segment of plastic surgeries, nowadays more and more different, in the first place esthetical operations are done.

It does not cause a problem if for some reason the private parts are not covered by hair, with the same technology used in hair transplantation it is remediable. A too short penis or penis stricture does not cause discomfort anymore either: after a procedure which takes only a couple of minutes the patient can lead a normal sex life, and the previous memories will stay just bad memories from the past.

If your sword is short, lengthen it with a step – says the saying. This was taken as a basis by the surgeons during the penis enlargement; the cordons which support the penis are intersected, and secured once again and with this procedure a two-three centimeters growth may be obtained, but the same result can be achieved with different vacuum appliances. Not just the length but also the thickness of the penis may be modified, with fat injections the diameter may be increased greatly.

In case of ladies the genital surgeries are also common, clitoris correction is also a routine surgery nowadays, as well as labiaplasty, and thus the women can also lead a normal sexual life disposed of psychic disorders.

Plastic surgeons achieve more and more success in transsexual surgeries also. They can help those people efficiently who have the sense of inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex. Thanks to the delicate surgery techniques the patient wishing a transsexual surgery can be converted into the opposite sex, men can be converted into women, and women into men, and naturally the procedure always preceded by several years’ of psychological examinations, and only after these can the surgery take place.
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