Botox Injections

Botox Injections

Time leaves its mark on the face: the fibres of the skin lose their flexibility, the connective tissues and the fat cells become flabby, and wrinkles start forming as early as before the age of 40. Wrinkle forming is due to the mimic muscles which always line the skin at the same points, and over time create deep lines on the face. The most visible wrinkles are on the forehead, near the eyes and the mouth.

To make wrinkles disappear, Botox injection treatment is used. This is the most popular aesthetic treatment in the United States, and it is rapidly gaining popularity in Hungary too. Its active substance is a toxin called botulinum, which is poisonous in larger doses, but in very small quantities it is the most effective way of making the wrinkles disappear.

During the botox treatment, the proper quantity of botulinum is injected into the mimic muscles of the affected area, therefore effectively blocking them for at least six months. The plastic surgeons carefully select which mimic muscles to block and which to keep active in order to preserve normal mimicry, while blocking those that pull the facial muscles and skin in the wrong direction.

The result can be seen a couple of days after the surgery: the wrinkles around the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the eyes magically disappear, and the patient loses that "grumpy" look. As the downward movement of the muscles near the mouth is blocked, the patient's mouth also becomes more smiley. Botox injection treatment, when performed in a timely manner, can postpone the necessity of certain types of plastic surgery, such as forehead and eyelid surgery, as well as wrinkle filling.

The treatment takes no more than 15-20 minutes and mild pain can be experienced with the injections, but most people find the discomfort tolerable. The only precaution the surgeon must inform the patient of is that after the treatment it is not advised to rub or massage the treated areas. The procedure requires no anesthesia.