Facial surgery

Facial surgery

Since centuries the civilization is searching for the secret of eternal youth, and until now nobody was able to find it. From every possible ingredient creams and wraps, however none of these could stop the aging process. The persistent problems are around the eyes, the forehead wrinkles, the saggy skin and due to this the double chin and the wrinkled neck.

What can be done if as years pass the face loses its tightness, and how can the dried and blotchy skin from the sun and wind be treated? Although the science has not completely mapped the aging spiritual and physical process yet, but it is for sure that the under skin fat tissues and the musculature atrophy, the shrinkage of water-containing tissues, as well as changing of flexible skin fibers, all of these play in an important role in the aging process.

The face plastic surgery is developing in a rush, and it offers solutions to the arising problems, thanks to the natural and new, skin-friendly synthetic materials, as well as exceptionally sophisticated surgery techniques, the specialists achieve excellent results in rhytidectomy,

lip plastic surgeries (liposuction, lip augmentation), brow lift, wrinkle filling, as well as brow and moustache replacement.

Two trends of the facial plastic surgery are known, the first one is when with different treatments the aging face is made younger, and the other one is a so-called personality shaping intervention, in this case the surgeons change the characteristics of the face.

Facial plastic surgery does not only require delicate hands of the surgeon, but also the surgeon needs to recognize the characteristics of the face, accentuation of the features and only in this case can the result of the plastic surgery be a younger face with preserved characteristics. The plastic surgeon in every case needs to have a discussion with the patient, and in an informative conversation make call the attention of the patient to the reality factors, and can the wanted result be achieved.

If this is ready, then an examination of health is done, laboratory exams, and after this the surgeon explains to the patient what will happen during the surgery, and calls attention of the patient to the possible weaves that may appear. The facial plastic surgery may take place under general or local anesthesia.
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