Breast surgery

Breast surgery

Most of the women nowadays are in some way unsatisfied with their breasts, if small then they would like bigger, if big then smaller are needed. The source of the problem with the breasts may also be the form, since it does matter if your breasts look like an apple or a peach, or if after breast-feeding breasts are saggy and need correction, then in these cases a large number of women turn to plastic surgery. Also the source of the problem may be figure and other causes for unexpected breast augmentation, which may cause serious stomach pains and poise abnormalities. Any kind of mutation of breasts may cause not just esthetical but also psychological discontent.

If we are speaking about breast plastic surgery, then in most cases breast lift comes into one’s mind, however here also belongs breast reduction and augmentation, breast asymmetry and areola correction. But what is the cause of the change of breast forms? In most cases it is birth, breast feeding or a significant weight loss.

All breast surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia, but in case of small breasts the surgeries can be performed under narcosis. It is possible to change the form, size and the position of breasts in the course of different operations. If the breasts are asymmetric, then one breast is reduced or augmented with an implant.  In most cases with the change of the form and the position of breasts, the elongated and redundant skin is removed in order to try and preserve the original state. In those cases when the correction of small-sized, saggy breasts is taking place, then breast augmentation and breast lift is done at the same time. The owners of smaller breast need to count vertical incisions and around the areola, while the owners of bigger breasts incisions are around the areola and under the fold of the breast. After the operation a drain-pipe will be inserted for a few days, which will help losing the pent-up fluid. The primary point of view during the plastic surgery is to ensure the durative residual nice-looking forms and the smallest possible incision.

Breast plastic surgery discomfort varies from minimal to moderate or more, depending on the person, but can be minimized with various pain-killers. After surgery, you will wear an elastic bandage, which will be changed to a special, very tight sportsbra after a few days. On the day of the operation bed rest is advised, and after that an additional reduced-activity period is optional, and during this time it is not advised to lean down and lift heavy objects. After the surgery it is possible to leave the hospital after one or two days, and the incisions will be removed in two weeks’ time. Over time, post-surgical swelling will decrease and incision lines will fade. It is necessary to wear a special sports bra for four weeks, and it is advised to wear a traditional bra for the next two or three months. It may take a couple of months for the breasts to gain their new form. It is also typical that the breasts’ and the areola skin may become insensitive for some months, and on menstruation days the patient may feel tension. It is also important to mention that in case of birth, breast-feeding and after significant weight loss, breast may again lose their form and subsequent surgeries may be needed.

After successful surgery, patients’ psychic balance is restored; their appearance radiates confidence, giving a positive example for the others who suffer from the same problem.
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