Computer eye diagnostics

Computer eye diagnostics

Our eyes disclose almost everything about our health status. An examination can show a picture not only about a bad or cloudy vision, but much more. A profound examination can show vascular system problems and also metabolism abnormalities. Among others this is why a regular eye examination is advised, even if the patient does not have any problems with their sight. The importance of eye examination is the same as in every screening test: prevention.

Headache may be caused by mutation, diseases or other causes in the forehead or around the eyes. Starting from the eye inflammation until the cataract, tumor and functional changes of the eye muscles. But the signs of high blood pressure and abnormally tight veins can be discovered during the screening test, as well the signs of blood sugar level disease: in such cases the retina’s size is small, and circle shape hematoma or deposits may appear. During the screening test the problems of the organ responsible for the vision are also spotted by the specialists. The goal is to check perfectly the complex system of the vision process, to notice in time those changes which will later lead to vision problems. The functioning of the eye is also examined, which also extends to the visual acuity and the visual field, but with the help of the eye mirror a picture can be gained about the reflector and the electronic function as well as about the state of the retina.

Already in infancy an appropriate eye screening examination may be very important, since if the problem is diagnosed in time then there may be a good chance of curing the disease in the early stage. The vision ability is not born with us, it is the result of practice and learning. If the light meets some kind of obstacle on the way into to our eye, then it may lead to blunt vision or serious vision impairment. Until the age of ten – twelve there is a higher chance of curing the milder abnormalities, however if the problem is discovered later then this may significantly lower the chances of healing. This is why the screening test is extremely important in infancy and childhood.     

During this quarter of an hour screening examination the information and the anamnesis are recorded, examination of visual acuity with glasses and without, slit lamp inspection, intraocular pressure measurement, the examination of the eye anterior chamber under a magnifying glass in a strong light with the reflection of the eye lights, color vision examination, as well as computer controlled eye examination are done.  

During this computer controlled eye examination the doctors analyze the measurement index, while observing the dispersion of the data. The obtained results are inspected by the subjective refraction determination and a reading attempt. The computer controlled examination may never be the only point of view since without a doctor’s inspection the fabricated glasses may cause severe problems to the owner.
There exist those problems which an experienced specialist may notice before the computer controlled examination, such suspicious signs as the deviation of the form and function of the pupil, the disorder of the tear film, the reflection medium (cornea, eye lens and vitreous body) obscurity, and these signs can be confirmed or ruled out by the examination. The examination of the visual field and the intraocular pressure measurement may help noticing the glaucoma in the early stage, which may be vital.