Astigmatism correction

Astigmatism correction

When we see then a picture appears on both retinas. These two pictures can only be seen perfectly as one, when the retina of both eyes falls on each other’s the precise points. Babies can not see perfectly since they can not use both of their eyes perfectly together. The ability to see both pictures together perfectly will appear as the baby grows.

Astigmatism, or in other words cross-eyedness, is not just a mistake of the nature, but in these cases in the joint work a disorder may occur, that is the perfect vision does not come into existence.  

The parents may greatly help their siblings if they notice in time the cross-eyedness. In childhood, until the age of six if this disease is diagnosed then it may be perfectly remediable. The child receives glasses and the good eye is covered for a determined period of time, thus the weaker eye has to work harder. This procedure is effective, the vision skills develop almost perfectly in both eyes. Unfortunately this procedure corrects the astigmatism only until 6-7 years of age, after that the loss of acute vision can not be affected. 

If astigmatism still remains after acute vision has been attained, then an operation may take place, the optimal time for which is when the child is three or four years old. During the operation the angle of astigmatism is tried to be lowered under five degrees. If the treatment of those children who suffer from cross-eyedness as well as from amblyopia does not take place in time, then with a surgery only the cross-eyedness can be corrected, the amblyopia can not be. 

Astigmatism for adults may cause not only aesthetic problems, but also serious psychic problems, as well as depression. This is why it is advised to have this astigmatism correction operation even if it does not improve the vision of the patient. The cross-eyedness operation either strengthens or weakens the appropriate eye muscles. With this treatment both eyes may be made collateral, thus the aesthetic problem is resolved. The duration of the operation takes a minimal amount of time, it is pain-free and the patient may go home already on the day of the operation.