Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the fastest growing area of the dental profession in Hungary – everyone would like a Hollywood star’s smile! Thanks to the increasingly modern dental technology and materials, a dazzlingly perfect smile is not the privilege of actors, singers and politicians any more.

A perfect slogan for aesthetic dentistry would read: your teeth are not only healthy but beautiful too! Calculus removal is one of the fastest ways to have whiter, healthier-looking teeth. When the plaque and fur are removed from the surface of the teeth and from underneath the gums, the symptoms caused by bacteria, such as gum bleeding, gum inflammation and bath breath will stop.

It is an important dental hygienic treatment, which is necessary before future fillings and tooth replacements as well. Nowadays, calculus removal is nearly pain-free, thanks to an ultra-sound machine. It is recommended every six months, in order to preserve our dental health.

When getting aesthetic dental work done, nowadays people rather choose light-curing white porcelain fillings, as opposed to the old amalgam fillings, which are dangerous to health. These top-quality composite fillings are used not only in case of frontal, visible teeth but also the rear occlusal surfaces too: they do not deteriorate or get discoloured, and can take pressure well, while their shrinkage is minimal. Large tooth cavities, which could previously only be treated by tooth extraction, can nowadays be cured by inlays; in these cases, the cavity is cleaned and disinfected, and a plastic or porcelain plug is inserted. The tooth, which is saved this way, adopts better to temperature changes and chewing pressure, and in the majority of cases, develops no further caries underneath the filling.

The other, probably most spectacular aesthetic dental treatment is tooth whitening. It can be performed after calculus removal and other preparations, and it whitens the surface of the tooth by two or three shades of white. There are quite a few techniques used for this treatment, the common thing in these treatments is that the active substance penetrates the inner layer of the tooth, and dissolves colouring materials such as cigarette smoke, tea, coffee and red wine. Following the treatment, the patient gets a younger look and healthy, white teeth. Tooth whitening at home is just as popular: in this case, a plastic rail and whitening substance are used, and results can be achieved in one or two weeks.

If tooth whitening does not produce the desired results, the solution is a ceramic crown, which is also used for broken or irregularly grown teeth. In this case, they use a thin layer of porcelain, to cover the blemished tooth.

Dental jewellery implantation is very popular with young people. American rap stars started the trend of wearing gold, platinum or crystalline dental jewels, and nowadays many extravagant youngsters have followed, making their smiles more attractive by having a dentist place precious stones on their frontal teeth. No special preparatory treatment is necessary, as the jewel is fixed on the tooth by an adhesive material, which does not affect the enamel. It is also easy to remove or replace, so it isn’t a permanent decision to wear dental jewellery.

In today’s Hungary, all aesthetic dental treatments are available, as the doctors are highly qualified and they use the newest dental technology, so the possibilities are only limited by how much money the patients can spend on their dental health.

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