Beauty care

Beauty care

Beauty has always played an important role in the history of mankind; despite contrary opinions, beautiful people always had an advantage in life. Therefore beauty care has always been a central issue: let's just think of Cleopatra, the eternal female idol from Egypt, who did everything to preserve her beauty and made strong make-up fashionable.

Different beauty treatments date back to ancient times. People always made cosmetics out of herbal essences, and archaeologists have found proof of aesthetic surgery as well. History books often mention cosmetics among the treasures of the East, and French and Italian perfume makers are still legendary.

Like everywhere else in the world, ladies in Hungary spend serious amounts of money on beauty care. Cosmetic treatments, makeup, pedicure, manicure and hair care are now an integral part of the life of a modern woman in Budapest. Budapest is one of Europe's beauty capitals, as quality cosmetics and treatments are just as readily available as in Paris or London.

One of the most important places for ladies is their favourite hairdresser's parlour, as the eternal dilemma for the is, how to wear their hair. Curly-haired women, of course, want straight hair, and vice versa. Satisfying this request is no longer a problem. What's more, short-haired women who want long hair can take advantage of the newest hair-enhancing technologies. Hairdresser's parlours have recently added hair diagnostics as a brand new service: in a few minutes, they find the necessary treatment and offer a solution.

The times when women only went to their beauticians are way past. Women in the 21st century regularly see their beauticians to get facial cleaning, hydrating and regenerating treatments. All "weapons" are allowed against the arch-enemy, the wrinkles; beauticians use everything from high-priced worldwide brands to bio-products, and even gold dust.

Beside beauty treatments of the skin and hair, there is great demand for pedicure and manicure in Budapest. False nails, in different colours and shapes are worn as jewels, and there is an industry built on this area of manicure.

Anyone can have tanned, smooth skin, even if there aren't any possibilities around for sunbathing: there are modern tanning crèmes, tanning booths, which cause the least skin damage possible.

When we gain a little weight, fasting is not the best solution. Losing weight, though, is easy with the modern tools available to the beauty industry. Electrotherapy, acupuncture and vacuum treatments offer many ways to positively shape our body. Cellulitis can also be eliminated by doing sports via treatments.

Many think of the human body as a church that needs to be kept clean. Purification therapies, sauna, aromatherapy and refreshing massages all contribute to the cleaning of the body. There is a separate industry built on indulging the body and the soul: in Hungary's wellness and spa centres provide excellent relaxation, refreshment and regeneration opportunities.

Make-up tattoos are also very popular. The beauty industry also provides business opportunities for doctors: final depilation, laser skin correction, wrinkle filling, lip enhancement all require medical supervision, not to mention plastic surgery, which can only be performed by specialist doctors.