The Gundel Ramps it Up with a New Star Chef
Apr. 26, 2018

Legendary dishes from a legendary kitchen. Since its grand opening in 1894, the Gundel has been regarded not as a mere restaurant, but – thanks to founder Károly Gundel, János Gundel, and the renowned chefs that followed them – as the cradle of modern Hungarian dining culture, an establishment synonymous with the history of Hungarian gastronomy and restauranteering in general.  The secret of the Gundel’s popularity lies with its sincere hospitality and venerable atmosphere, the centuries-old tradition that permeates its stately building, and a kitchen that, while using the very best of ingredients, remains steadfast in its dedication to innovation.

Starting April of 2018, the Gundel team will be welcoming to its ranks Zsolt Litauszki, member of the Bocuse d’Or Academy of Hungary and former creative chef of the Zsidai Group.

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