Startup Safary Budapest 2019
Apr. 08, 2019

Startup Safari is returning to Budapest between 17-19 April this year!

Safari is not just an ordinary conference, it's an event, where we turn the city into a 3 day long, huge startup festival! You can get to know the startup ecosystem of Budapest by joining us on workshops, presentations, breakfasts, office tours, meetups.

During the Startup Safary, the most exciting startup and tech companies will open their offices again. You can get an insight into their everyday lives, talk to their team - you can get a firsthand experience on what it's like to work in such a place - you might even go home with your new job offer.

Here you can see how the more than 4000 participants liked the event last year!

The good news is that you as "your group name / company / conference” member can now take part in Startup Safari Budapest for free, if you are among the first X members to apply!

The only thing you have to do is to click on this link:

Don't hesitate! Come and join us in an adventurous Safari! :)