Sex & Budapest – The coolest bars in town
Mar. 19, 2018

If you feel the tediousness of everyday life after the party of New Year’s Eve, then you simply have to party on! We’ll give you a few tips as to where to go with your friends at night or even in the afternoon and where to start or finish as dawn breaks. To be in a Bar is a state of mind. It can be intimate or extravagant, quiet or frivolous, at the counter or at the lonely table in the corner. We can find an example for all of the above and more!

Blue Fox The Bar
Kempinski’s elegant bar is worth a shot if you want to grab a quick drink before going to the theater or to relax after a long day’s work. Here the highest quality distillates and natural, locally produced condiments meet in cocktail glasses. We can ask for old classics or something new and exciting the bartenders will be prepared either way. And the best thing is that here we can have a taste of the exquisite food of the ‘neighboring’ Nobu restaurant paired with their own cocktails.

Spíler Shanghai
The Spíler Shanghai plays on a very different level: it’s a bistro, club and secret bar all in one, where quantity is as important as quality. Here, the rules were made to be broken! The food and drinks have a strong Asian influence: smashing sakes, the best Japanese whiskeys and special Asian cocktails made from home-made fruit extracts and essences.

This is the foundation where it all started. A speakeasy place of pilgrimage, which has been a part of the world’s top 50 bars at one point. Anything you can think of, they can make it or they can steer you towards the right path. If you are mesmerized by the world of cocktails so much that you want to hold a private party for your friends, the Boutiq’Bar is the place to go, because they hold special barista and mixer courses. We know is absurd but they get a point for making exquisite non-alcoholic drinks too.

Buddha-Bar Lounge

The interior, the music, the mood and the drinks are all special, almost as if we were in an enchanted world. The early evenings here are for calm, cocktail drinking get-togethers, then things heat up and the electro-ethnic hurricane starts, which is the perfect time for some Buddha-Bar cocktails.

Gozsdu Sky Terrace
Compared to the four previous bars, Gozsdu Sky has a distinct plus that although has nothing to do with drinks is a big part of its charm: it has a direct connection to the sky. And we don’t have to miss out on the view even if it’s cold outside, because the area is covered and heated, so everything is ready for a good party. Apart from the regular, shot and strong cocktails there’s a huge variety of rums, whiskeys, and vodkas as well as good old Hungarian palinka.