Krak’n Roll Craft Beer Music Show

Krak’n Roll Craft Beer Music Show

1085 Budapest, József krt. 31/A
+36(30)364 5658, +36(30)9522130

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The tunes of Budapest have just become groovier.

Experience the authentic underground music scene of Budapest on a 3-hour craft beer tasting dinner show at a venue that can best be described as ‘out of sight’!
Explore the rich craft beer culture of Hungary through its millennia long history guided by a skilful beer expert and learn how this beverage played a role in the fall of communism. Taste 5 different Hungarian crafts as you get to know more about their cultural impact, all in an astonishing locale.

Enter Krak’n Town Steampunk Saloon, an otherworldly place full of futuristic gadgets, copper tubes, and a pseudo-Victorian exhibition that will transport you right into the pages of a forgotten Jules Verne novel.

The halls of this venue will be flooded with the sounds of contemporary Hungarian blues, jazz and rock & roll on this exceptional event. Watch and listen as local talents unfold the city’s living music scene before you and sip away on the best lagers, porters, and IPAs of Budapest.

Quell your hunger with a 3 course gourmet dinner by the award-winning master chef of the house or chase your beers down with a plate of tasty snacks.
Join an evening with pure style and discover the celebrated underground music of Budapest through the looking-glass!

Performance + craft beer tasting of 5 local brews – 25€
Performance + 5 local crafts + plate of snacks – 30€
Performance + 5 local crafts + full 3 course dinner – 45€

19.05., 02.06., 16.06.

Dinner menu options:
1.    Bean soup with trotters
2.    Chicken supreme with broccoli risotto and parmesan
3.    Lavender chocolate with panna cotta and passion fruit 
1.    Sweet potato ginger velouté with smoked salmon
2.     Confit Hungarian style bacon with garlic roasted potato puree and fried zucchini
3.    Milk pie with raspberries
1.    Algae cucumber roll with Greek yoghurt and fragrant herbs
2.    Sheep cheese hominy (puliszka) with mushrooms and fried romaine hearts
3.    Chocolate cake with peach and raspberry
1.    Pickle soup with sour cream jelly
2.    Bell pepper panna cotta with mushroom ragout and arugula
3.    Sour cherry crumble

Craft Beers: The best Hungarian brews on 15 taps – tasting of 5 distinct style draft beers throughout the evening

Please send your reservation via e-mail to We will send the confirmation of your booking within 1 day, but usually in 3 hours!


If more than 20 people would like to book please contact us at address.

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