Trabant City Tour

Trabant City Tour

Explore Budapest on a Trabant Tour!
There is no better way to see Budapest than with an original Trabant 601.
2-stroke engine / made of paper and plastic / 26 horsepower from a 600 cc displacement / 21 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h / more than three million Trabants were manufactured / it is often called "Paper-Jaguar"
With this unique sightseeing in Budapest you can combine unsurpassed driving feeling and nostalgic sightseeing with the real atmosphere of the past communist Era.

How to drive a Trabant? Check with the fuel dip-stick whether the tank is empty or not / open the fuel tap / push the clutch pedal / shift to gear 1 ... and start!

We suggest to visit the Communist Statue park, the Ecseri flea market, typical prefabricated blocks of flats built in the 70s, 80s or to do a regular city tour in Budapest. You can also book your airport transfer with a Trabant!

Duration: min. 3 hours


Private Trabant Tour
1-3 people 120 EUR / Trabant / 3 hours

In order to try the Trabant you must have a valid driving licence.


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