Trabant City Tour

Trabant City Tour

Trabant car is the one and only true tangible legacy of the Communist era. Either you can do  an "ordinary" city tour to see the top attractions of Budapest or you have the opportunity to see the "communist face" of Budapest. Come and see the giant statues at Memento Park and learn more about Hungarian life during the previous political system. Doing a Trabant Tour is a unique way to see the sights. Book your private Trabant tour now and do not forget to bring your valid driving licence with you. After a short training we let you to drive the Trabant car.

Some facts about the Trabant cars

  • Trabant cars were manufactured in Zwickau (former East Germany).
  • Trabant 601 was produced for nearly 30 years (1963-1991) with almost no significant changes.
  • During this long production run 2.818.547 Trabant 601s were produced overall and it was the most common vehicle in former East Germany.
  • The body of the car is made of duroplast (recycled material, cotton waste and phenol resins)
  • Trabant cars have 2-stroke engine (26 horsepower from a 600 cc displacement)
  • It takes 21 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h

Duration: min. 3 hours


Private Trabant Tour (price/pax)
1 Person 135 EUR
2 Persons 70 EUR
3 Persons 50 EUR

In order to try the Trabant you must have a valid driving licence.


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