Danube Bend Helicopter flight

Danube Bend Helicopter flight

See one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary in a whole new and exclusive way, with our magnificent Danube Bend AirCruise sightseeing adventure.
The tour will start from your accommodation in Budapest in the morning, where a pickup will take you straight to Budaörs airport in the outskirts of the city, where you will be greeted with a glass of champagne, to get you in the mood for the coming adventure. After your pilot introduced to you, and you had a chance to get a close look at your means of transport, an imposing 4-passanger private helicopter, you will climb on board, and your journey will start northwards from Budapest, following the path of the Danube.
Your pilot will make sure you see every important sight there is on the way, and there are plenty of beautiful locations and towns you will pass towards Esztergom. The first city you will encounter after leaving the city limits of Budapest, will be the famous Szentendre, the city of artists, with many beautiful buildings built on the hillside and an island in the middle of the river. Your flight will continue along the bending Danube, and you will witness why it is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking sights of Hungary. You will have a chance to see the wonderful Pilis hills, and incredible nature reserves, before the helicopter takes you above Visegrád, a town with enormous historical significance. There you will be treated to the Castle of Visegrád, a wonderful historical monument on top of the Visegrád hill, which you will have a perfect view at from your chopper. After flying above the famous “little Danube bend” which poses wonderful photo opportunities, your journey will continue across the river, and above the magnificent hills of the region. When you arrive to the city of Esztergom, your pilot will let you absorb all the majestic sights and wonders the city has to offer. You will have a chance to take a look at the grandiose Esztergom Abbey, the largest religious building of Hungary and the Castle of Esztergom, on top of the Castle hill, which has great historic significance and is a wonderful sight from above.
After leaving from Esztergom, you will head back to Budapest, along some majestic Hungarian hills and you will have plenty of opportunities to take some magnificent photos of these regions. Your whole experience will be recorded on multiple GoPro cameras. We will edit and send you the video of your adventure, so you will be able to take home and share your experience. After arriving back to the airport in Budapest, you will be transported back to your accommodation to ensure the most comfortable experience possible.


Danube Bend AirCruise
1&2 person 1 099 EUR
3 person 1 179 EUR


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