Guided walks

Guided walks

Everyone has secrets – even Budapest does. The walls of the buildings, the pavements, the church spires, the shady courtyards all preserve ancient legends. Our one-of-a-kind thematic tours give you an insight into all these mysteries: you can explore with us the unknown parts and the hidden treasures of the city, and evoke its fascinating history through the lives of its onetime inhabitants. Are you ready to go?

Do you want to find out who made the oldest graffiti in town? Do you want to see the narrowest building, and the tallest statue of Budapest? Can you imagine what the oldest church keeps hiding in its golden globes, and how the first – and prettiest – bridge was built over the Danube? Do you wonder which is the concert hall with the worst acoustics in town? Do you want to hear the story of the largest synagogue in Europe, and the most ancient tree downtown? Can you guess how long the longest apartment house is, and which are the two oldest streets of the Jewish Quarter?

You will get an answer to all of these questions and much more if you join us in our unique, 3-hour walking tour of downtown Pest. Leading you through some less well-known but all the more exciting places, we shall make you see the ‘superlatives’ of Budapest: the most outstanding achievements and the finest details, the most peculiar scenes and the most telling stories from the life of a legendary city.

Itinerary: St. Stephen’s Basilica – Széchenyi Square – Chain Bridge – Danube promenade (The Vígadó Concert Hall) – Március 15-e Square (Downtown Parish Church) – Paris Courtyard – Astoria – Dohány Street Synagogue
Price: 5000 HUF/20 EUR /person
Meeting point: Szent István Square, by the Ornament Well on the left side of the St. Stephen’s Basilica
How to get there: On foot from Deák square (metro 1, 2, 3, bus, tram), or from Arany János street (metro 3, bus)
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(Tours available only in English)

From the street, nothing can be seen, just a battered façade, an obscure gateway, and a massive double door … Do you want to know what is hiding inside?
Step in with us, and you will find yourself in a magical world of centuries-old trees, colorful flowers, marble wells and shady benches along the winding paths – green oases in the midst of the concrete jungle, which reveal the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in an urban environment, and invite us to rest and to contemplate. These inner gardens and parks squatting among the apartment houses guard the secrets of their onetime residents: they tell us stories of glory and defeat, love and death – and thus make the history of the city living and tangible.
During our 2.5-hour walk we go into some beautiful private gardens which are otherwise closed to the public; we also visit a cloister garden and one of the prettiest inner-city parks. While you learn a lot about the development and the botanical curiosities of Budapest, you can be carried away by the true tales of a long-ago town.

Itinerary: Deák Square – Kammermayer  Square – 12, Vitkovics Mihály Street – 4, Kossuth Lajos Street – Central Seminar – Károlyi Garden – Unger house – 4, Rákóczi Ave – 9, Király Street
Price: 6000HUF/person
Meeting point: Deák Square (5th district), at the entrance of Starbucks Coffee
How to get there: On foot from Deák Square (metro1,2,3, bus, tram)

BEYOND BUDAPEST – secret gardens, stories, personal history
Historical crash course, exciting adventure, exploring – this is the unique alternative city walk of Imagine Budapest! If you would like to live as an insider in Budapest, come with us and get to know an another side  of the city! Shady gardens, hiding behind the battered doors, interesting stories of the seemingly meaningless houses, beautiful sights and exciting scenes – past and present of Budapest.

On our two hours walking tour we show you some impressive courtyard, lush gardens, lively streets, and much more, instead of the boring monuments and marble slabs. Meanwhile you can find out what a cockade is, which gateway house you should cut through if you in a hurry, or where to find the best pubs in the city!

Do not be just a traveler – find  your second home in Budapest!

Itinerary: Petőfi square - Március 15-e Square (Downtown Parish Church) – Paris Courtyard – Kammermayer Károly square - Astoria – Dohány Street Synagogue – Gozsdu passage – Király street
Price: 5000 HUF/20 EUR /person
Meeting point: Vth District, Petőfi tér, by the statue
How to get there: On foot from Ferenciek tere (metro3, bus), or from Petőfi tér (tram Number 2)

(Tours available only in English)

MESSAGE WALLS – or the secret language of the decorations of building in Budapest
Did you know that as you walk the streets of Budapest you are constantly being watched by atlases and caryatids? Or that cherubs are smiling down upon you? Or than ancient Roman gods await your bow? It’s all true! High above eye level, the walls of many houses are adorned with flowers and vines, Hungarian folk motifs, domestic animals and beasts, and even men, women and ancient gods, all painstakingly-carved into the stone.  

While these decorations are certainly pleasing to the eye, most of them carry a hidden message as well.  Be deciphering the secret codes, we can shed light on the personality, profession, interests, and marital status of the builder or occupant of the house.  

On our 2-hour walking tour, we use the tools of art historians to bring to life the intricately-carved facades, staircases and gates, and through them to become acquainted with the long-deceased inhabitants of the areas.  As you develop an appreciation of a faded era, your new -language skills- will make the otherwise mute buildings confess the secrets and stories of their past.

Itinerary: Museum of Applied Arts – Mária street – Csepreghy street - József boulevard - Rökk Szilárd street - Gutenberg square
Price: 5000 HUF/20 EUR /person
Meeting point: In front of the Museum of Applied Arts (9th district Üllői út 33-37.)
How to get there: Tram number 4 or 6 - Ferenc körút OR subway number  3 - Ferenc körút

(Tours available only in English)