Private sightseeing in Eger

Private sightseeing in Eger

Eger is located at the Northeaster part of Hungary, it takes 1,5 hours to get there. During the guided walking tour in the historical centre we show you the Basilica, the Lyceum, the charming Dobó Square. Afterwards we see the 40 meter high Minaret and the Kopcsik Marzipania (the objects made of sugar are listed in the Guinness Book of Records) and climb up to the fortress. The siege of Eger (1552) has become an emblem of national defense, as 2.000 defenders could successfully stop the Ottoman Army of 35.000- 40.000.

Finally we drive to the Valley of the beautiful Women and visit some of its wine cellars. You have a chance to try the locally produced wines and purchase a bottle as a nice Souvenir.
The tour ends at your hotel.


Deprature times
January-December according to your needs


Prices per car / minivan

For 1 person
375 EUR/Person
For 2 persons190 EUR/Person
For 3 persons125 EUR/Person
For 4-5 persons102 EUR/Person
For 6.7 persons68 EUR/Person
For 8-11 persons75 EUR/Person
For 12-15 persons50 EUR/Person
These rates include the costs of the car/van and the guide service but do not include any entrance fees, lunch or wine tasting (payable on spot if needed).

Duration: 7-8 hours


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