Balatonfelvidék Wineregion

Balatonfelvidék Wineregion

8312 Balatonederics, Kossuth u. 62.

This wine region with rich medieval tradition is not positioned right at Lake Balaton, but its climate is still influenced by the nearness of the lake. This region was already discovered by urban people years ago because of its beauty and the decreasing number of its original inhabitants. A great number of artists moved here, who had the preservation of the scenery at heart and have done a lot for that purpose. Mainly the surroundings of the Kali-basin is characterised by old houses, churches, inns, and wine-cellars awaiting guests, renovated with demanding care and new ones, fitting into the landscape with their style.

Area: 1510 hectares.
Climate: Varied, with mediterranean character, lots of sunshine.
Soil: varied: Chalky stone, lava-stone and tuffites with basalt, adobe ground.
Grape varieties, wines: Pinot Gris, Italian Riesling, Chardonnay - full-bodied, rich in bouquet, lively acidic wines with a fine fragrance.

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