Kiskunság National Park

Kiskunság National Park

6000 Kecskemét, Liszt F. u. 19.

With its colourful world of horse-breeding farms, village tourism, spas, wines, food specialities and various cultural and ethnographical values, the Danube-Tisza Interfluve region provides great opportunities for tourism. Yet, it is the wonderful landscape that frames all the attractions. The true aspect of the landscape and the untouched beauties of nature are to be traced in nature conservation areas.

The Kiskunság National Park Management Centre is in charge of an approximate 284,165 acres of protected area. 123,550 acres of the total amount comprise the nine separated areas of Kiskunság National Park. Several landscape-protection areas, nature conservation areas and what we call 'ex lege' protected areas bulk up to the remaining 160,615 acres of land.

Owing to the outstanding natural values, a number of the protected areas are famous worldwide. The main objective of the Kiskunság National Park is to preserve and maintain the matchless treasure, and also to show it to anyone interested in a way that satisfies both tourists' needs and the topmost aim of preservation.

Within the protected areas there are now numerous tourist trails, study trails and lookouts, all contributing to a unique experience of the Kiskunság. Our exhibition venues offer the opportunity to get aquainted with the natural heritage and cultural history of the region. The main visitors' centre of the Kiskunság National Park, called the 'House of Nature', is situated in Kecskemét. Here information is provided on the conditions and possibilities under which the protected areas may be visited, and on various programmes for visitors.

Our aim with this short introduction is to provide ideas to and suggestions for arranging a memorable programme for those who show both interest and respect for nature.