Bükk National Park

Bükk National Park

3304 Eger, Sánc u. 6.

The Bükk Hills sustain an enormously rich plant and animal kingdom, thanks to the area’s unique climate and its unusually varied terrain. Numerous species of plants and animals of Hungary can only be found in this part of the country. Some ninety species of birds, including many in danger of extinction, make their nesting ground in the Bükk. And the best evidence of prehistoric Bükk is to be found in the area’s huge caves, such as at Szeleta-kő and Istállós-kő.

Did you know …

Hungary s most extensive network of forest cycle paths is here? The areas three narrow gauge railways (Szalajka Valley, Lillafüred and Felsőtárkány) run over 28 miles of track? At a depth of over 800 feet, the 2½ mile long Istvánlápa Cave is the deepest cave in Hungary?

Demonstration sites and Nature trails
Szent István Cave, Anna Cave (Lillafüred,Tel./Fax:+3646/334-130) – there are two caves in the Bükk which are open to visitors: the dripstone Szent István Cave and the tuffaceous limestone Anna Cave. Folk Museum at Oszla (Cserépfalu,Tel.:+3649/423-132) – bygone life depicted in everyday objects in a peasant house built at the beginning of the 20th century, situated at the entrance to Hór Valley. Millennium Nature trail and lookout tower: 2.1 km (Szilvásvárad, Tel.: +36 30/910-2037) – highlighting the abundant natural heritage of the Bükk, with particular reference to the ecological and economic role of forestry. Bél-kő Nature trail: 5 km – showing the cultural heritage of the Bél-kő area, the geological makeup of the rocky hill itself, and the flora and fauna to which it is home. Felsőtárkány Nature trail – “triple circuit” Nature trail showcasing the area’s plant and animal life, the Kő-közi rocky gorge (0.8 km), the geological formation of Vár-hegy (10 km) (Castle Hill), the Kyjatice Culture earthworks and the history of the former monastery at Barát-rét (6.5 km). Szalajka Valley Nature trail (Szilvásvárad) – a very popular 21 mile trail following the meandering Szalajka stream, with plenty of interesting information about the area’s cultural and natural heritage.