9400, Sopron, Fő tér 8.
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The Baroque corner house with its bay window is one of the most attractive buildings of the Main Square. During the 15th century the house was the property of the Haberleiter family who provided accommodation for King Matthias during the winter of 1482–83, when he assaulted the town of Vienna. The building became part of the Festetics domain in the 18th century, when it obtained its final shape. The Storno family purchased the building in 1872. In 1840 and 1881 the composer Franz Liszt gave two concerts here. The most remarkable parts of the house are the richly decorated bay window, the arched doorway with the Festetics family’s coat of arms between the two Tuscan half pillars, and the door knockers with their pelican motives. Sopron’s first pharmacy, the Black Elephant (Fekete Elefánt) operated in this building in the 15th century.

The first floor of the house hosts a local history exhibition. The last owners of the house, the Storno family were ardent collectors of antiques. The second floor of the house which used to be their home, is dedicated to their 19th century art and furniture collection.

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