Camelot Medieval Restaurant

Camelot Medieval Restaurant

8600 Siófok Vécsey Károly u. 20.
06 30 200 8888

Siófok is known as 'the middle of the world' in the Balaton summers and within the city it is Palace Complex at Silver Beach that attracts the most guests.

This huge venue opened 22 years ago with the dream of Palace Dance Club. Since then it was expanded by a pizzeria, an ice cream parlour, a Mediterranean palm garden with an amazing circular pool and a medieval restaurant. This whole complex welcomes approximately 300.000 guests every summer.

The medieval restaurant reminds to the times of the knights: at the entrance our guests go through a gate made of stone and inside are surrounded by walls reflecting the atmosphere of old times. The court jester welcomes the ladies and gentlemen and sees them to the heavy wooden table passing by the 3m tall armour knight. After this the table can watch the preparation of the delicious meals since the house chef cooks in the open kitchen in front of their eyes.

Waiters dressed in period clothes serve the delicious meals on wooden plates and pots. Guests can choose whether to use the cutlery or eat by hand instead. The rollick is fulfilled by the jokes of the court jester and the music of the bards just like hundreds of years ago.