The building of the Europe House

The building of the Europe House

7621 Pécs, Mária u. 9.

The Europe House is located at 9 Mária street. The two storey building was built in eclectic style for one hundred thousand forints in 1895 according to the plans of a Viennese architect ordered by the Danube Steamshipping Company. The decorative entrance is a dominant part of the building, its statues symbolize mining and shipping. Earlier the directorate of the Mecsek Coal Mines and the home to the Museum of Mining was situated in the building. The two memorial plaques on the façade commemorate these times too: "This is the building where the First Danube Steamshipping Company was situated between 1895 and 1963; this is where Dr. Jaroslav Jicinsky mining engineer, the director of the First Danube Steamshipping Company and the Pécs Mining Works, the planner and executer of the 1913-1927 modernisation of coal mining in Pécs, used to work." Entering the building the statue of a miner standing in a niche by the stairs is noteworthy. Upstairs, in front of the stairs used to stand a stone statue of a miner. Presently the exhibition is located in Rét street.

Nowadays the building functions as the headquarters of the Regional European Information and Education Centre PPC. This is where the European Development Office of Pécs-Baranya and the Baranya County European Information Centre are located. The building houses the Centre of East-Mediterranean and Balkan Studies, the Alliance Française de Pécs and the FACT Foundation and Institute as well.

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