Tettye Restaurant

Tettye Restaurant

7625 Pécs, Tettye tér 4.

Tettye Restaurant can be found on the southern side of the mountain Mecsek in a picturesque environment.
This part of the city is also named Tettye, and the word originates from the 16'th-17'th century, from when Muslim monks used the Episcopal summer place as a monastery ("tekke" in Turkish).
The plateau of Tettye served as a scene for several folk ceremonies and popular celebrations in the past 200 years.
This first ox-roasting took place in 1780, when Maria Theresa awarded the city with the status of royal borough.

The hospitality we experience today was first established by the restaurant of Scholz Dezsõ. Since 1986 it is the Maszler family's honour to welcome and host the visiting guests with respect.

The menu offers a generous variety of fish, poultry with crispy vegetables and smooth creamy sauces, but you can also find famous Hungarian originals like the pörkölt, goulash, the paprika stew, meat roasted on a spit, or you can taste typical Swabian specialities like the feast soup, cabbage and beans, and the Swabian casserole with Bohemian bread dumplings.
The restaurant's musical band ensures entertainment and a pleasant time during your stay.

The shady, flowered patio area can fit 250 people, the inside of the restaurant can fits 130.

The renovated, air-conditioned interior is suitable for hosting wedding receptions, family gatherings, banquets, and all sorts of special events.

Cars can park in front of the restaurant, buses can park nearby.