Balatonmelléke Wineregion

Balatonmelléke Wineregion


Several harrow cellars prove that the tradition of viticulture at the hills of Zala goes back to the past more 100 years. The characteristic representatives of folk architecture can only be met in this area by now. The harrow-cellars were carpentered from timbers and were plastered with clay from in - and outside. There have only been left a few samples of them by now - breathing the strange atmosphere of death. By becoming a wine region in 1998 again, there is once more hope that the values here - coming into adequate hands - will be preserved.

Area: 1170 hectares.
Climate: Mild, consolidated, wet.
Soil: Brown forest soil.
Grape varieties, wines: Italian Riesling, Muller-Thurgau, Veltliner (Zold veltelini), Chardonnay, Zweigelt.

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