Badacsony wineregion

Badacsony wineregion

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The area has been inhabited since the age of Celts and archeological excavations unearthed 2000-year-old Roman remains, which testify to early beginnings of viticulture int he region.
Newer and newer settlers/conquerors brought by the tempests of history, fortunately, carried on the traditions of growing vine realising the unique opportunities provided by the terrain. In the 19th century Badacsony boasted with the best vermouth of its time and the region has a varietal that is not grown elswhere: Kéknyelû.

After the devastations of Phylloxera a new type of tending was started, which has become a cultural emblem of the region. Unfortunately, the "bastions" of the past were largely destroyed during the time of large-estate industrial farming.

Notwithstanding, the Badacsony State Farm of the communist era deserves our praise for the re-plantation of vine on its inherited estates: the best-situated slopes of Badacsony, Szent-György hill and Csobánc thus preserving the best vine-growing lands from being built up. In most recent years some have started to re-write the history of the hill and the region and efforts to re-build "bastions" can only be appreciated.

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