Lavender House Visitor Center

Lavender House Visitor Center

8237 Tihany, Major utca 67.
+36 87 538 033
+36 87 538 034

The Lavender House Visitor Center presents the Tihany Peninsula in a way that provides special entertainment for young and old alike. We will introduce you to the once raging fire of the volcanoes and the harmony of the landscape that was shaped as a result of it. We will show you the centuries-long co-existence of people and nature along with the emblematic culture that developed from it: lavender production.

Programs and services:

  • From volcanoes to lavender – An interactive exhibition about the past and present of the Tihany Peninsula with volcanoes, hot springs, virtual and tangible specialties like a lavender distiller…
  • Dance of the bees room – Detailed information about and program recommendations for the Tihany Peninsula, The Balaton Uplands National Park and the Bakony-Balaton Geopark.
  • Herbal medicine – Souvenir shop: Products of and about nature.
  • The activity room – The premises of special activities: about nature – not for kids only.
  • A glimpse of Tihany – The park of the visitor center offers several other programs and games from a maze to a lavender garden, from a belvedere to a walkway that introduces you to the living creatures of the reeds.
  • Tea House – Charming catering.

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