Sailing is perhaps the most popular type of water sport at Balaton, second only to swimming. Skilled sailors enjoy the many sailing competitions that take place at Balaton, where the capricious winds over the lake test even their sailing abilities.

What can you do if you are longing for water adventures but not necessarily just bathing? You may get on one of the scheduled ships offering trips around Balaton or admire the sunset from the deck of a nostalgia-ship. Sailing on a pleasure boat offers you an unforgettable experience. If you want to drive your own ship but you do not know how to sail you can obtain the necessary skills through doing a six to 10-day course. Is there not a ship nearby after passing your exam? It isn’t a problem for there are numerous facilities in the bigger settlements or ports of Balaton for renting a sailing boat.

Balaton is the home of plenty of races of international ranking, of which Kékszalag Tókerülő race (around the lake) is one of the most popular. This regatta is a 160 km long race with hundreds of boats with hundreds of sailors on board fighting for the cup for first place and Kékszalag (blue ribbon).

The basic rules of sailing before heading out on the water:

  • Get up to-the-minute information from the local weather forecast.
  • Check the storm watch. Do not believe your eyes even if the skies happen to be clear with a brilliant sunshine. A swiftly approaching storm may hit even in a matter of 20 minutes.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Never sail barefoot. In bright sunshine, you should be wearing at least a T-shirt and some shorts. Make sure you wear the appropriate Sun Protection Factor, even if the weather is cloudy. It is mandatory to wear a hat.
  • Being sun struck is an unpleasant experience indeed. In order to protect your eyesight, wear proper sunglasses with UV protection.
  • The sails and your boat must be adjusted appropriately for minor and major winds.