On horseback

On horseback

In the saddle

It is great to experience and get up close to nature while riding on horseback. Beginner riders can get acquainted with the hobby on tethered horses available at most horse farms.

Adventurous visitors can hire professional guides to get acquainted with the attractions and natural treasures of the area on tours of various lengths. You can trot on the hilltops or gallop on the fertile meadows in shady forests.

Experienced equestrians can participate in one-day or longer hunting trips, orientation competitions and star tours among the hills of the Balaton, on tracks strewn with natural obstacles and speed sections. If active horseback riding is not your sport, however, you can enjoy being a spectator of the impressive horse shows of the Hungarian csikós.

Another atmospheric activity is exploring the area on a horse carriage, visiting the numerous wine cellars to get a taste of the local vintage wines, or delight in the magnificent views over the Lake while having a tranquil picnic on a hillside. Horse lovers can gain further insight into Hungarian equestrian culture in many ways including an array of harness shows, history and tradition preserving events, jousts, show jumping and other types of equine competitions and team shows.