“…cast the bait…”

Lovers of fishing can return with their nets full after a day spent enjoying adventurous fishing from a fishing boat or stationary under the poplars. You can find help at home to cook a steaming Balaton fish soup or fry fillet from your sanders.

Lakeshore fishing is now limited to the following locations: Alsóörs, Balatonfűzfő‘, Balatonalmádi, Tihany, Balatonfüred, near Balatonakali. Additional favoured fishing spots are the Inner Lake in Tihany, the Balatonszabadi Salt Lake and Balaton Minor, as well as the lakes of Galambok and Zalamerenye.

Good to know!

  • Fishing rights and licenses at Lake Balaton and its related waters are regulated by the Balaton Fishing Plc. ( Fishers must adhere to the policies of the Balaton Fishing Code locally adopted respective of each area.
  • Three types of fishing licenses are available at Balaton, which are valid for different locations: shore license Area I, shore license Area II, and general fishing area license. When approaching the fishing area, reeds areas must not be harmed!
  • It is possible to fish from the shore, from the piers or from boats. Of the colorful fish population of the Lake the most significant are the carps, the sanders and the breams (especially the chubs), as well as the pike perch, the eels, asps and the razor fish.
  • Anyone with a fishing license can devote themselves to the hobby on the shores of the Balaton in possession of a daily or weekly fishing ticket. The tickets can be purchased at the fishing associations and fishing unions. Necessary fishing documents can be obtained at fishing shops, travel agencies and at certain Tourinform offices.