Sculptures of the Solar System in Kecskemét

Sculptures of the Solar System in Kecskemét

6000 Kecskemét, Lánchíd u. 18/a,
+36-76/ 505-075

Have you ever tried to imagine the size and distance of the Solar System's planets?
If you walk from the Main Square to the Planetarium of the town, you have a possibility to do it. Through the works of Pál Sándor Lakatos everybody can see the 1:3300000000 small scaled modells of the Sun and the Solarsystem. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Mars were placed in front of the Town Hall. The maquette of Saturn can be seen in the city centre, in front of the "World-clock", and Pluto must have been placed in the Planetarium.
The participants of the "Solar System-tour" can experience a special adventure; similar demonstrations can be found only in Switzerland and in the USA. If you want to look at the art-works with a guide, you can get further information and a guide from the Kecskemét Planetarium

The price of the guide includes also the performance in the Planetarium: for children 600 HUF; for adults 800 HUF; for families: 2.000 HUF.
If you want to walk in the "Solar System" alone without a guide, you can get a map from the Tourinform Office of Kecskemét.

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