The thermal lake

The thermal lake

The main attraction in the town of Hévíz is undoubtedly the unique thermal lake the beneficial effects of which can be enjoyed in the renovated Lake Baths (Tófürdő).

The oldest and most well-known spa of Hungary - in accordance with records from Roman times - has a history of 2000 years. Thus, the waters are reputed to have curative effects, and there is a thriving health tourism industry in the area. The Hévíz treatment, in its present sense dates back to more than 200 years.

The water of the Hévíz Lake is rich in dissolved substances and gases, combining the beneficial effects of naturally carbonated medicinal waters and those containing sulphur, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, as well as those with a slightly radioactive content. Due to the special composition of the water, the fauna and flora are unique in Lake Hévíz and several species can only be found here. The medicinal mud, which covers the bed of the lake in a thick layer, also deserves special attention. It is unique in that it contains both organic and inorganic substances and the radium-salts and reduced sulphuric solutions in it represent special medicinal factors. The medicinal water and mud originating from the several ten thousand year-old Pannonian Sea, together with the complex physiotherapeutic treatments, are suitable for treating all kinds of rheumatic and locomotive disorders. In winter a 'mist cap' is formed from the vapour on the surface of the water which prevents it from cooling down and at the same time a natural inhalatorium is created. Inhaling the sulphur-hydrogen emitted into the air and the radium-emanation produces favourable curative effects: it keeps our vocal cords in a good condition.

The new building at the shore of the lake houses a spa-pool, a sauna unit, a salt cabin, a massage clinic, treatment rooms, changing-rooms, restaurants and a conference room. The older pavilions of the lake have been renovated recently. Thanks to a new corridor over the lake, the new block on the shore is connected to the pavilions in the middle of the lake. The renovation and modernisation of the complex is expected to be completed in 2011, when the new indoor baths and a therapy centre will have been built.

The modernisation and enlargement of the Winter Baths is also on the agenda, notwithstanding the fact that it is a huge and XXIst century complex already. It will soon be at guests’ disposal with a doubled capacity.