Cycling tours

Cycling tours

Choose an outdoor spot for sports activities whenever it is possible. While you are on holiday, a lake-shore area, the edge of a forest or a park could be a most ideal spot for active recreation.

Hévíz and its surroundings provide you with good cycling facilities; there is a number of built cycle tracks and marked cycle routes. While cycling, you can get to know the towns and superb landscapes of the Balaton Highlands, the volcanic hills and the valleys hiding between the shore hills as well as the wildlife of the Small Balaton. You can hire a bike in various places, including tourist offices, hotels and even guest houses.

Our short tours could be enjoyable for anybody. Speed is not essential on our short tours. Most of the tours are led on cycle paths, minor roads with low traffic or on well passable dirt roads. Explore the attractions and the beauties of nature on two wheels, and what is even more important is that you’ll make efforts for your health.

The choice of the cycle tours we offer

Hévíz → Nemesbük → Kehidakustány → Szentgyörgyvár → Alsópáhok → Hévíz
Distance: 20 km
Difficulty information: Long and moderately steep uphills

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Csóka kő → Rezi → Cserszegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 22 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty, one or two fairly steep uphills

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Rezi → Rezi Castle → Cserszegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 28 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty, the bicycle is to be pushed on a section of 400 m up to the castle

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Zalaszántó → Sztupa → Zalaszántó → Cserszsegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 36 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty, one or two fairly steep uphills

Hévíz → Keszthely → Gyenesdiás → Sports field → Festetics outlook tower → Gyenesdiás → Vonyarcvashegy → Balatongyörök → Büdöskút → Keszthely → Hévíz
Distance: 38 km
Difficulty information: with numerous uphills and forest sections

Hévíz → Alsópáhok→ Sármellék → Zalavár → Small Balaton → Esztergályhorváti → Zalaapáti → Szentgyörgyvár → Alsópáhok → Hévíz
Distance: 40 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty

Hévíz → Keszthely → Gyenesdiás → Vonyarcvashegy → Szent Mihály kápolna (Saint Micheal Chapel) → Balatongyörök → Szép outlook tower → Africa Museum → Hévíz
Distance: 40 km
Difficulty information: flat almost all way long

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Várvölgy → Kő orra → Vállus → Cserszegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 48 km
Difficulty information: difficult route with uphills