Győr Philharmonic Orchestra

Győr Philharmonic Orchestra

9021 Győr, Aradi vértanúk u. 16.
(+36 96) 312-452

János Richter Concert and Conference Hall

The predecessor of Győr Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1862 by Antal Richter, the father of the famous conductor János Richter. The orchestra first became a town orchestra in 1894, but the real milestone in its career was 1968 when the semi-professional institution was transformed into a professional concert orchestra. Their fame is marked by several performances in Hungary and abroad, as well as more than 15 sound recordings.

Among the famous conductors of the orchestra there was Angelo Epfrikian, Lamberto Gardelli, Arvid Jansons, Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro, Ludovit Rajter, Yuri Simonov and Carlo Zecchi.

Great soloists who already performed with the orchestra were Alexandru Agache, Baráti Kristóf, Bogányi Gergely, Boldoczki Gábor, Jörg Demus, Fischer Annie, Gertler Endre, Ida Haendel, Jandó Jenő, Kocsis Zoltán, Aga Mikolai, Jevgenyij Nyesztyerenko, Pauk György, Perényi Miklós, Ránki Dezső, Ruha István, Szabadi Vilmos, Várdai István and Wiedemann Bernadett.

There are not only classical pieces on the rich repertoire of the orchestra but works of contemporary Hungarian composers.

Since 2008, the director of Győr Philharmonic Orchestra is Géza Fűke and the music director is Ádám Medveczky.