István Dobó Castle Museum-Private exhibitions

István Dobó Castle Museum-Private exhibitions

3300 Eger, Vár út

Stars of Eger (Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) Wax Museum
The Earth Bastion hosts the Stars of Eger Panoptikum. The main characters from Géza Gárdonyi’s famous novel are all represented in this private wax museum. Descending the stairs from the ticket office, Gárdonyi ”himself” greets visitors in a blacksmith’s workshop, while István Dobó, Gergő Bornemissza, Éva Cecey, Jumurdzsák the one-eyed Turk and Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos, the chronicler all wait deeper inside. Descending into the secret passageway, visitors are treated to the prospective of the heroic defence of the women of Eger, and arrive in Bálint Török’s cell, turning round one comes face-to-face with Suleiman himself.

Ispotály Cellar
The cellar operates in the underground hall of the excavated, ancient hospital building. The vaulted cellar is divided into to rooms. One is a catering place, the other is a Digital 3D movie.

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