Archaeological finds show that the present town site in BC III. in the middle thousands of permanent human settlements existed. Scientific research has shown that the area of ​​the city, has been inhabited since the Neolithic age.

The first written mention dates from 1075. The Regesturm Oradea in 1214 mentions Szoboszló as paptartó village. The papal blotter around 1330 as a village is mentioned. In 1660 ruined church was rebuilt in 1711. In 1717 Mongols ravaged the border, in 1718 drought, in 1719 and again in the plague.

The 1848 war of independence fought heroically during the szoboszlóiak. After the fall the Russians attacked the city. After the Compromise of 1867 began the construction period. The craftsmen formed céheiket ipartestületekké. Have been established in the first major industrial plants.

Hajdúszoboszló as a health resort and recreation center's birthday on October 26 1925 Two geologist, Dr. Franz Bohm and Dr. Ferenc Vajna Pavai established after research indicated the drilling location. As a result of their work 1090.87 feet to a depth of 73 fractional ° C thermal water.

The healing water have been rapidly spread the news around and in the country. This has aroused the interest of professionals and soon began the long process of analysis and as a result of scientific evaluation that is healing water was Hajdúszoboszló. The treatments are always preceded by a medical examination, then the problem starts with the medical advice of your medical treatment.

On 2002 June 27, ceremony handed over to the new spa complex. On 2010th May 1 opened Palace Indoor Aqua Adventure.