Győr is often referred to as the City of Associations or Meetings as it is an important economic, industrial, ecclesiastic, educational, cultural and sports centre. The dynamically developing city lies on the Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest innovative axis – halfway between Budapest and Vienna – with an excellent accesibility.

Being the sixth largest city in Hungary, the seat of Győr-Moson-Sopron county and one of the seven main regional centres of the country, it is the most important city of north-western Hungary.

Győr boasts a lot of historic monuments and, as an acknowledgement of its well preserved splendid Baroque city centre it was granted the Europa Nostra Award for monument protection in 1989.

Győr is also referred to as the City of Waters as it lies at the bank of river Rába, just at the fork of the Moson-Danube, the Rába and the Rábca not far away from the Danube and it is rich in thermal water as well. The city is therefore a popular point of departure or arrival for excursions by boat or canoe but visitors will be happy to find an Aquapark in town with real pleasure baths. For those who prefer fishing or bathing in natural waters, the lakes and backwaters in the surroundings are a perfect place for recreation.

Győr is an important depositary of Hungary’s treasures and wonders and undoubtedly merits a visit! Let us meet in Győr!