Baltonfüred is a small town with 13.500 inhabitants, on the north shore of Lake Balaton, sorrounded by gently sloping hillocks. Foreign travellers – may they come here by rail, by road or by boat – start to feel the harmonious blend of past and present at the moment of their arrival.

The name of the town was first mentioned in the estate register of the Tihany abbacy.

The town is infinitely rich in historic memorial places. These were mostly renovated and restored. It may happen that some of these have been appointed different roles noawadys than their original one but they are part of our cultural life anyway.

The three churches of Balatonfüred arise in the upper part of the town as if protecting its tranquility.

The „Gombás-kúria”, built in the second part of the 18-th century, is one of the most famous buildings of Balatonfüred.